Anchored by the 71-acre Farnham Park in the Parkside neighborhood of Camden, N.J., the Parkside Trail is a quarter mile segment of the Camden Greenways network. The current trail is about .25 mile in length and runs from Kaighn Avenue to Pine Street through the park and along a portion of the Cooper River.

Eventually, the Greenway will create an interconnected network throughout the Camden area via both on and off-road trails, that will provide access to Philadelphia, the East Coast Greenway, and additional trails that are part of the Circuit network. From the Parkside Trail, via connections along Kaigh Avenue and Pine Street, it will also possible to travel on loop around Cooper River, the Delaware River, and Newton Creek for 9 miles, providing links between communities, schools and parks.

The current Parkside Trail provides a flat, paved route that is ideal for families. At its west end the park offers a playground and an open play field. At the east end in Farnham Park, Camden’s largest park, there are a additional opportunities for recreational activities in open spaces and for exploration of the river. To learn more about Camden County’s Greenway plan click here.

Photo: Trail Link