Known locally as the “Green Trail,’ the United States Avenue Trail (USAT) is part of the of the Gibbsboro Greenway, a network of small trails that cross Gibbsboro, New Jersey. The USAT is currently two miles in length and runs from Foster Avenue and Egg Harbor Road along a flat, paved route. The trail takes its name from the busy road with which it parallels for a portion of the way, but the trail itself is buffered from the road. Once past this section, however, the route enters a typical wooded Pine Barren landscape that provides shade on hot days.

About mid-way along the trail, find the entrance to Lindenwold Memorial Park, which offer walking paths and other amenities. Along the USAT also find several additional trails that are part of the Gibbsboro Greenway, including the Blueberry Hill Trail, which is slightly hilly but at times can offer a spectacular view of the nearby Philadelphia skyline.

Currently the USAT does not connect to any trails on the Circuit. Camden County’s proposed East Atlantic Avenue Bikeway, if built, would be accessible via an on-road route from the USAT’s westernmost end. For more information click here.

Photo: Trail Link