Happy Trailsgiving!

The holiday season is a great time to express gratitude. And with hundreds of miles of the Circuit Trails network already on the ground, we are incredibly grateful for the progress made to further connect the Circuit Trails as well as for the many connections made on the Circuit Trails. Thanks to expanding trail access, the many events and community programming #OnTheCircuit, and the ongoing support for spaces to safely and conveniently walk, bike and spend time outdoors in the region, there are more opportunities for people to experience and engage with their Circuit Trails.  

Over the past three years, we have had the pleasure of meeting with some of these people to hear their stories and help share the meaningful ways they’re connecting and recreating on trails through our “My Circuit Trails” video series.  

These videos spotlight diverse stories within communities throughout the Greater Philadelphia and southern New Jersey region. They serve as a testament to the positive influence trails have on—not just individuals— entire towns, communities and counties.  

Check out the reasons we’re thankful for trails in our 2023 My Circuit Trails series below. 

We’re thankful for the trails allowing us to meet new people. Barbara from WeWalkPHL uses the trails to bring groups of people together and share the beauty of the Bartram’s Mile Trail 

We’re thankful for the healing properties of being in nature. Brandi, the founder of Hike + Heal, aims to make the outdoors more accessible for women of color in the Philadelphia area on the Forbidden Drive Trail. 

We’re thankful for the trails keeping us grounded. Gabe found respite on the K&T Trail, a place where he could decompress and clear his mind. 

We’re thankful that trails are for everyone. Izzy Kaufman, vice chairperson of Disability Pride PA, helps bring the disability community together to celebrate their pride and identity on the Delaware River Trail.  

We also want to express our gratitude to those who support, fund and maintain the trails in our community. As we work toward reaching 500 completed miles of trails by 2025, it’s vital to let those in charge of funding know how much trails matter. Take a moment to express your gratitude for trails to the county commissioners. This quick template will help you send a letter to advocate for The Circuit Trails. 

Are you thankful for trails, too? Share what you love about the trails #OnTheCircuit with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok! Happy Thanksgiving, and happy trailing! 

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