What Mayor Kenney’s Soda Tax Means for the Circuit Trails

Mayor Kenney’s Soda Tax was officially signed into law yesterday. As you most likely know, a large portion of the tax will raise funds for early education and another significant portion will go towards the development and rebuilding of parks and recreation centers around the city.

Over the five-year plan, the city expects to collect $300 million in tax revenue. A projected $14 million of these funds will go to Parks and Recreation and a whopping $48.4 million will go towards the “Rebuild” program designed to enhance the city’s green infrastructure.

So what does this mean for the Circuit Trails? In addition to building new segments, the money will go towards rehabilitating many parks and other green spaces that the Circuit Trails connect. One of the main objectives of building the Circuit Trails network is to make our region stronger by providing a place for healthy transportation and recreation in addition to connecting our communities to green space, and making our neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work.

Mayor Kenney is a friend to the Circuit Trails and has vowed to continue Mayor Nutter’s dedication to improving parks and trails in addition to connecting more Philadelphians to green space. In fact, he pledged to work toward completing the remaining 25 miles of planned city trails in his transition plan. To read more about Mayor Kenney’s recent involvement with the Circuit Trails, check out our recap of the K&T Trail Groundbreaking ceremony.

Many of our Philly-based friends who support the Circuit Trails and are members of the Circuit Trails Coalition will also benefit from this tax including Philadelphia Parks & Rec, Schuylkill River Development Corporation, Manayunk Development Corporation, Delaware River City Corporation and Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, among others.

We are proud to see Philadelphia, home to the Circuit Trails, leading a major issue and look forward to seeing the soda tax funds improve our wonderful, green city. Kudos to you, Mayor Kenney!

Mayor Kenney (far left) breaking ground on the K&T Trail.

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